Hi All,

I haven’t posted in awhile. I have been applying healthy skepticism to this whole numerology thing.

After digging into my personal report, I had picked some days of significance (good & bad) from my past and “reverse engineered” my report back to those incidents. My report matched! That is tocalculate numerology say that the difficult days I analyzed matched up to my challenges, pinnacles, numerology year, and life path. The notably positive days from the past equally matched up – these were days that I did not resist my challenge numbers, and things went well! This is all great for fun and chilling the spine, but not very useful because these are things I can no longer change (although my PERCEPTION of these events did change).

To be useful, I used my report to create my own grid moving FORWARD. Knowing my life path & challenges, my personal year, month and days, I plotted out 2 weeks in advance. I am now completing that experimental period – with shocking results…

Numerology is not fortune-telling

Numerology gives you information you did not previously have, and teaches how to deal with general challenges, and how to make the best of situations. It shows timing. The situations we face are made by the people around us, our environment, and our reactions to them. Numerology helps to react BETTER to things that come up. In my experiment, there are good days for money decisions, dealing with challenges, relationships and much more. I made the conscious choice to accept my personal daily challenges rather than fight them. I saved purchases to my day 8, and used my Soul Urge to match time with my wife. In just 2 weeks, My relationships, finances, and stress levels have all taken a leap forward. I can’t make this stuff up.

All the Numbers