If you’re on my email list or read through other posts on TheGehmanProject, you are probably aware that I’m a skeptic. I need proof. My wife is into Astrology, Horoscopes & Numerology so I got my personal numerology report – to prove that it is either inaccurate or so generic it would apply to anyone.

Numerology-GULP!- My sweetest Jamie, you are right. (about Numerology anyway).


I started researching several weeks ago. After brushing up on Pythagorean theory, I got my free numerology report. I was surprised, but not convinced. I received the video transcript in my email and went through it line-by-line. It was accurate, but still somewhat generic. I was intrigued, and a little frustrated. Because I couldn’t find flaw, I went back to the site several days later, and ordered my comprehensive Numerology report, as well as my Chinese Numerology Report.

My personal reading was more than 200 pages! The Chinese Numerology report – all about me – was just shy of 100. I’m a bit “old school” so I printed them. That’s a lot of paper & ink. I’m still sorting through it all, but at several points so far, I’ve gotten goosebumps and had to put it down for a break. Here is just one example (there are many) that you can see for yourself right here….


If you check out the About tab on this website, you can see that on February 25, 2018 I wrote “I love, above all else, my family” and “Some of my interests are mechanical devices, engineering, and philosophy.” A month later, despite my skepticism, my numerology report told me with regard to my Day of Birth number (16): “They gradually build up a strong philosophy of life. They are often interested in technical or scientific subjects, and enjoy researching and finding things out for themselves”. My wife asked me if I wrote my own report… Here’s the scanned page directly from my personal report: Day of Birth

At this point, I’m not just reading it, I’m STUDYING it. There are explanations for past conflicts, successes, and failures. Verifiable. It offers recommendations on best/worst timing for work, money, and relationships among many others.

In my opinion, life would have been easier if I had this information sooner. I EXPECT things will go easier in my future by following the timing recommendations from these reports. They will literally make me a better father, husband and person.