If you read my previous blog post about Numerology and Name Calculator, you already know that I started researching numerology number meanings because of my wife’s interest – I’m a skeptic. Here is what I learned:

Numerology Number MeaningsI already know that the way we see ourselves is often different than the way others view us. Since my wife and I both got our numerology reports, it was an interesting comparison. Although we each may have thought the report was remarkably close for ourselves, we both CLEARLY agreed that these were absolutely spot-on for each other.

My wife believes that she thinks in a certain way, while the people around her see differences, or contradictions in that view. The report verified the “outside” view. She took exception, but the truth is the truth. My report was the same way. I was thinking “People say that about me, and I can see why they think that but, that’s not me…”

It’s almost spooky. Because I could see that her numerology number meanings exactly matched the views of outsiders looking in, I had to accept that my report was equally correct. I gained valuable insight into myself. I am now consciously aware of when/how I do things in a certain way – which is against my own personal evaluation. I have been given the power to reassess my thinking, personality, and my way of life.
Change is good.