When it comes to wine and spirits, I like spirits. I seldom drink. But when I do, it’s a Vodka. Or Whiskey. Or Tequila. Or… you get the picture

I leave the wine to my wife. She likes the stuff and actually keeps a log. As mentioned in a previous post, she likes the good stuff. As a means of survival (just thought of another topic), she chooses the middle ground for daily consumption. To help her along, we often make wine at home that she so dearly enjoys. I enjoy the process and the science. Bartender!

Here’s Jamie’s view: How to make wine

A few years ago, for the sake of my health and sanity, I decided I was going to start drinking wine. After all, the doctors recommend one alcoholic beverage a day for Females, and two for Males for heart health, and longevity. There are tons of antioxidants in wine, it can help lower cholesterol and reduce risks of Type 2 Diabetes and it is believed having one glass of red wine is equivalent to a 30-minute workout. Let’s be honest here. I do not enjoy working out, but I can get behind a good glass of wine.  Before I did however, I wanted to read about it, and really learn about it I didn’t just want to drink it, I wanted to experience it.

I would go out and buy a bottle of random wine, and journal about it. The price, the smell, where it came from, dry or sweet, fruity or tastes like a rusty barrel. Some I would open, take a few sips and dump down the drain. Others I would sneak a glass at lunch time on my days off and run out and buy more so I didn’t accidentally run out.

After spending some time, and my loving husband’s money, I found a brand of wine I loved. Beringer’s. I still don’t have pairing it down with specific meals down pat, but I enjoy the entire line of wines they make, and I don’t get the awful headaches like I do with other brands. Chenin Blanc is one of my personal favorites, good with almost any meal, or alone.

I don’t feel like a professional wine connoisseur by any means, but I do enjoy my daily glass, with dinner or a snack, and I feel more comfortable ordering a glass when we go out to dinner. Sometimes as a special treat, if the wine is too dry for me, I add some frozen sweet black cherries to the glass, it’s like a dessert and sweetener all in one. I am glad I found wine, and took the time to learn and experiment, I feel like I am actively participating in my health, and it is an amazing way to unwind after a long day without losing any sense of control.

Here’s to your health. Enjoy your wine break.