Here’s a new twist on woodwork & home improvement. I realized when we had a get together at our place a few weeks ago, that people don’t seem to give paint sticks a second thought. They may have an old one with dried paint laying under the cobwebs in the garage or basement. Around here, there is always a supply ready to use – for nearly everything – except paint!

This may sound bizarre but hear me out. You’ll be wishing you had a paint stick handy on your next repair project…

Special class of woodwork:

Is your refrigerator (or any appliance) not level? Paint sticks!

Woodwork -Appliance Level
Need to clean that…

Creaky floor(s)? Paint sticks.

My kids broke the sliding door by repeatedly slamming it closed with the lock engaged. First it wouldn’t close fully, so I gutted it and left just the handle. This made the door over travel and not allow the fancy broom handle to wedge the door closed. I built up the area around the missing lock with, you guessed it, paint sticks. This created a tight fit that allowed the “lock” to securely wedge the door shut. Paint sticks.

Woodworking - Slider Repair
Darn Kids…

My ball python’s (Luci) habitat needs a space under it so the heater cord doesn’t get damaged & frayed. Leveling the opposite end completes the exotic display. That’s Woodwork that holds you over till the weekend! Paint sticks.

Woodwork - Habitat Fix

Handy Dandy Battery Tips

I call our laundry room off one end of our finished basement Cat Land. This is where the litter box, food, and water bowls reside for our feline inhabitants. There were two issues with keeping the basement door open 24/7. First, they could still let us know they were hungry or bored – at 3:30 in the morning. Second, the litter odor inevitably crept its way upstairs despite the exhaust fan.

The cat door I installed kept the litter at bay, and gave them full access to everything they need. We still had the 3:30 a.m. thing to deal with. I decided to make a frame that accepts a board to block access to the cat door. This can be placed & removed at will, giving us the opportunity to get some sleep:

Paint. Sticks.

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If you have debt problems, there is only one solution – in my opinion.

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