Properly Deep Fried Turkey

How to Deep Fry Turkey and Fry it Properly When it comes to how to deep fry turkey, you really do have more than just one choice. An oil-free, electric, vertical turkey fryer. Char-Broil and Big Boy’s electric turkey fryers. The Char-Broils is the smaller of the two, weighing around four pounds, making it ideal … Read more

Turkey Decoration

How to Make a Turkey Decoration Out of Plastic How to Make a Turkey Decoration Out of Plastic When you have a party that involves deep-fried turkey and want to show off the yummy delicacy, you can use them as decorations at home or even on your party table. Here are a few ways you … Read more

President Donald Trump

Presidential Campaign Speech – Donald Trump Donald Trump is America’s 45th President. He is the son of Fred Trump, a real estate developer. Before entering politics, Donald Trump was a successful businessman and television star. He is an “unconventional” businessman who is successful at business and his show. The Donald has been called by many … Read more